Friday, February 26, 2010

Daisy Style Board

Because I love design & I love to imagine how my prints would look in different rooms, I thought it would be fun to do a style board for each one of my artworks...Most of the other stuff is from my own personal wish list...To see where to buy, visit here...Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mommy-to-be ♥

A sneak peek for my friend, Amber, who is expecting her 1st child, Gracie, in less than a month...We did this photo shoot in the not-quite-finished upstairs nursery, which had so much beautiful, natural light, it was perfect...Daddy Dan & their dog, Shooter, even posed for a few pics :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kylene & Erin ♥

My cousin, Brittany, & I shot this wedding in Crawfordsville, IN the day after a snowstorm...Everything was so beautiful when I woke up that morning & the drive there was absolutely breathtaking...Although it was COLD, the wedding party was very cooperative about taking pictures outside...I mean, it was just too beautiful not to...Kylene is a college friend of one of my dear friends, Amy (who was also the very pregnant Matron of Honor), & I am so glad I had the privilege of meeting her & Erin (who are both super nice) & capturing their beautiful day...Here is just a very small preview...Many more to come! :)









Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jacob & Betsy: Part I

My baby brother, Jacob, & his girlfriend of 4 years, Betsy, are getting married!  September 4, 2010 is the big day...My little girl, Paven, gets to be their flower girl & I'm super excited!  A talented friend of mine, Jessica of Jessica Jill Photography, is shooting their wedding, which I'm also very excited about because 1.) I know she'll do an awesome job & 2.) I get the day off to enjoy myself! (& to make sure the flower girl is doing what she's supposed to be doing)...So I'm taking Jacob & Betsy's engagement pictures instead, in 2 installments...First, Winter...Coming soon, Spring!  These were all taken at Jacob's farm, in & around his beautiful barn...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun Find: Cupcake Pedestals

While looking at stuff for Paven's birthday (She's turning 2 March 16!), I ran across these adorable Cupcake Pedestals at Oriental Trading Co. ($9.99/Dozen)...Wouldn't these be super cute for a birthday party or wedding?  I could totally see these lined up, displaying beautiful, yummy cupcakes in a trendy, funky little bakery, too (BRIDGET)...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I am really trying to get my office organized & decluttered, so I've decided to offer for sale all negatives prior to 2007...I went exclusively digital in 2007, so I have more than 10 years of negatives just taking up space...If you're interested in purchasing your negatives for creative purposes or just for safe keeping, please contact me.  I don't throw away negatives, so it's never too late to order professional prints from an event, whether it was film or digital...You can view a lot of my digital events here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas Lights Recycling Program

So, every strand of Christmas lights we own burnt out this year when we took down our tree...Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of options for recycling around here...It's actually pretty inconvenient, but still...I save cardboard to give to the local 4-H, I have stacks of magazines, bags full of plastic bottles & used batteries to take to the Terre Haute Goodwill, plastic sacks full of plastic sacks to take back to Krogers or Walmart (because I'm constantly forgetting my reusable shopping bags) oh, & don't forget the aluminum cans (we actually get a tiny bit of cash for those)...It's constantly cluttering up my house, but I'm trying...It would be so awesome if we could just set our recycling outside to be picked up...Anyway, I just got done shipping a box full of Christmas lights to the Christmas Light Source Recycling Program, for anyone who is interested...They take the money they get for recycling the lights & donate it to Toys for Tots, plus they send you a discount code for 10% off new Christmas lights...I think something like this may have been done locally, but I missed out on it, sooo, if you're slow like me (busy is more like it), this place accepts lights all year long, so you can send them whenever you get around to it. :)

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