Thursday, December 13, 2012

Embrace the Camera :)

My 4-year-old Paven took this picture of me with my phone when we were at my brother Jacob's for Thanksgiving...That's my Grandpa Leo's shirt ♥

Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebration of Life ♥

Ten days after I wrote this post, my beautiful Grandma passed away...

She was born Emily Joan Jacobs...She married my Grandpa Leo in 1955 in Nashville, TN & became Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann) Jumps...He passed away in August of 2004...These are just a few favorite photos of them...


Grandma with my Mom (on the right) & my Aunt Lynny...Don't ya just love the retro kitchen???

Grandma & Grandpa arriving at a picnic at Twin Lakes in the mid 80's...That's my brother Jacob in the foreground...

Typical ♥

Grandma with my little Paven, 2008

It was a beautiful, cool fall day...We had lunch & then graveside services as a family...My Sister sang & Grandma's beloved Pastor Larry sang & played the guitar, then we all sang...It was beautiful...Afterwards, instead of a visitation at the funeral home, we had a Celebration of Life at Bell Ridge Church with music, pie & cookies, coffee & hot apple cider...So many wonderful friends baked the most beautiful pies...It was cozy...It was perfect...Grandma would've loved it...Especially the music, she loved music & was a very talented pianist...I miss her ♥

A few pictures from the day...

My Mama ♥

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Michigan Treasures :)

Besides going to the Beach, my favorite thing to do in Michigan (or on any vacation) is to go antiquing...That's just how our Mother raised us ;) My husband's even grown to like it (well, he deals with it).  Paven decided to start a puppy dog collection on this vacation, which is a good thing because it gives her something to look for & keeps her entertained (my Mom's idea) & it worked :)

She brought her own money, but I'm pretty sure she spent it all on candy :)

Here's some of the cool stuff we came home with...I think this pitcher is my favorite :)

Love me some Pyrex Bowls :)

& anything orange or yellow :)

 Paven found 2 puppies to start her collection...

 I think she has good taste :)